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our future.

You want a job with a clear purpose?

Then you've come to the right place. We make an important contribution to people's well-being. You can play your part.
We are united in the fight for the lives of those affected and against cancer and rare diseases.

Your way.

Our offers.

We train, support and pass on our knowledge: whether biology or chemistry laboratory technicians, taster internships, part-time studies, Master's theses or something completely different. Feel free to get in touch with us!


Chemical laboratory assistants

You will learn how to carry out chemical experiments and analyses, draw up protocols and evaluate the results professionally.

You should have a strong interest in natural sciences, especially chemistry, as well as good analytical skills and diligence.


Biology laboratory assistants.

You will learn to carry out biological experiments and investigations, write experimental protocols and analyze scientific results.

You should have a strong interest in biology and the natural sciences, good observation skills and analytical abilities.



I really like it here at CUP because everything is very varied. I want to and will continue working here after my apprenticeship.

Flora, Trainee chemical laboratory assistant

at CUP Contract Labs

Dual study program

Bachelor of Science.

In the Laboratory and Process Engineering course, we are available as a practical partner for the specialization in environmental, chemical and radiation technology and will accompany you on your way.
An important entry requirement for this program is the completion of an internship with us, through which you gain practical experience and we get to know each other better.



What I like the most at CUP is that we can be better together every day.


Research Associate

at CUP Contract Labs