Full speed ahead towards excellence.

Our management.

As a family business, we are managed in the second generation by Dr. Dirk Freitag-Stechl (graduate of the Technical University of Dresden and doctor in chemistry). After his doctorate in Florence and a managerial position at HENKEL AG, he took over the management in 2008.



In four years, CUP will be the global market leader in the field of radio-pharmaceutical analysis. We are well on the way to achieving this and already have an exclusive service that is only available from us worldwide. It is patent-protected.

In addition we will also serve other areas, such as orphan drugs, cytostatics and the testing of narcotics. Where it becomes too complex for others, it is only just beginning for us. However, it is not only important to me to have the customer perspective, but it is about the people as a whole.(...) This means that I see a company in four years' time where highly motivated, highly talented scientists, laboratory technicians, (...) but also service staff work together, who form a team, who share a vision and a mission and who really enjoy working at CUP, excelling and providing services for our customers' patients.

Dr. Dirk Freitag-Stechl, MBA

Managing Director

at CUP Contract Labs